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Career Management

Employee turnover is expensive, but you can get ahead of it with talent management. Retain and coach your workforce with a robust career management solution. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

Development Solutions to Motivate Employees

Paycor’s Career Management software removes the complexity from succession planning and gives HR leaders the ability to structure and execute a strategy that drives employee engagement while improving overall business outcomes. Career Management provides companies a way to create better career strategies, facilitate internal movement and identify talent risks.

Managers and employees can clearly define role responsibilities and set expectations together, so employees receive feedback that’s specific to their development plan. With Career Management, leaders can create a team-oriented organization that helps future proof their workforce and leads to increased business success.

Resolve Vague Expectations

Resolve Vague Expectations

With clear responsibilities and competencies by role, managers can start a dialogue with employees so they know exactly what’s needed to advance to the next level.

Avoid Talent Risk

Eliminate Manual Planning

Career Management removes the complexity of succession planning by providing templates and fillable checklists for easy implementation of your career pathing strategy.

Eliminate Manual Planning

Avoid Talent Risks

Identify skill gaps or risks of talent leaving by investing in critical job skills that will improve business outcomes, while future proofing your workforce.

Trusted Career Management Solution

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A Succession Strategy to Reduce Turnover

One of the biggest problems organizations face today is employee turnover. Not only does it take a toll on the bottom line, but high turnover negatively impacts productivity, morale and engagement. What’s driving employees to seek work elsewhere? Lack of growth and opportunity.

Employees crave development and upskill opportunities, and seek a clear path for internal mobility at their workplace. Yet 90% of companies recognize they have a skills gap, which leads to stagnant career growth. In addition, employees without a clear understanding of what their organization expects of them have a hard time identifying when they’re successful. Paycor’s Career Management software helps bridge the gap of where an employee’s skill set is today and how they can move forward in their career development.

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Role Profiles —

Leverage role responsibility profiles to ensure employees are meeting expectations and where they can improve.

Corner of tablet showing Paycor employee profile against blue background

Determine Competencies —

Add expected assessments to indicate where an employee stands relative to their existing role or potential future roles.

Corner of tablet showing Paycor job assessment against blue background

Job Assessments —

Evaluate responsibilities in an assigned role to make sure there is alignment in expectations.

Don’t Ignore Employee Growth

Paycor’s Career Management solution allows you to create better career strategies, facilitate internal movement and identify talent risks. Clearly define role responsibilities and set expectations to get employees to the next level.

Your Workforce Craves A Development Program

Paycor’s Career Management solution gives employees the support and opportunities they want for career development. When an organization invests in the career development of their workforce, it becomes a tremendous motivator as employees feel valued, meeting their achievement and recognition goals — and improving retention overall.

With Paycor’s Career Management solution, we help you structure and execute your succession strategy that will drive employee engagement, remove the complexity from succession planning and improve overall business outcomes.

Corner of tablet showing Paycor employee profile against blue background

Drive Engagement —

With action-oriented assessments, employees will know if they’re on track or if more work needs to be done to advance.

Corner of tablet showing Paycor employee profile against blue background

Remove Complexity —

Standard templates and fillable check lists allow for easy implementation of your succession strategy.

Two coworkers shaking hands in bright office

Role-Based Reviews —

Responsibilities can be assessed directly in a review, making for one simple workflow during the review cycle.

Corner of tablet showing Paycor people analytics reporting against blue background

Improve Outcomes —

Get dashboards and workforce insights so you can easily identify gaps or risks and put mitigation plans in place.


“Paycor is a one stop shop with great customer service. I consider Paycor to be a true partner.”

Mia Jennings, Director of HR, Smuttynose Brewing


 “Whatever you’re doing to keep your staff focused on the client, it’s working. You have a winning formula.”

Michelle Breath, Director of HR, Taste Buds Management

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Paycor’s Career Management helps you reduce employee turnover and stay competitive when it comes to hiring top talent by providing career pathing and succession planning for your entire workforce.

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