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Payroll Software for Small Business

Cross Payroll Off Your To-Do List

Your time is too valuable to master the complexities of payroll and tax compliance. Paycor helps you stay ahead of the curve and process payroll quickly and accurately. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.


30 Years of Experience

Paycor has more than 30 years in the HCM industry.


2 Million Users

Our HR and payroll solutions support more than 2 million people across all 50 states.


Best-in-Class Implementation

We provide the hands-on guidance, expert support and tools needed to ensure a seamless transition.

Compensation By Gender

Software for Small Business

Unlike some competitors, we don’t sell one-size-fits-all technology. Instead, we tailor technology to your business needs.

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Small Business Payroll can be a Time-Consuming Task. Get Out of the Weeds With the Right Technology.

Our online payroll software is the easiest to use and most powerful solution for small businesses. Paycor Payroll allows you to quickly and easily pay employees from wherever you are, all while ensuring tax compliance.

Save Time

Avoid costly payroll errors and simplify everyday processes with built-in workflows and flexibility. Enjoy complete flexibility to add columns or calculate gross-to-net pay.

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You Can’t Conquer All Aspects of Payroll Alone. Use the Power of Employee Self-Service.

From direct deposit and paycards to wage garnishments, child support payments and seamless 401K integration, Paycor Payroll offers all the services your employees need and want.

Reactive to Proactive

Take the stress out of managing employee information and answering the same questions. Employees can make their own updates via phone or tablet.

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With Such Intense Scrutiny on Payroll Taxes, You Can’t Avoid Any Missteps.

We established our payroll and compliance expertise in one of the most complex tax jurisdictions in the country. Our experts take care of payroll tax compliance and workers comp so you can focus on paying your people.

Stress-Free Tax Compliance

With Paycor Payroll you can quickly and easily pay employees from wherever they are and never worry about tax compliance again.

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Payroll Perfection

Our small business payroll solution is flexible — there’s no waiting for changes. Get in, make edits, run payroll and get out.

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Powerful Reporting —

Make real-time business decisions with our powerful analytics platform.

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Paycor Mobile —

Employees can access important information, from pay stubs to benefits information, all through their mobile phones.

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HR On-Demand —

Access HR resources including forms, templates and alerts. Plus, certified HR professionals are one call away.

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Time + Attendance —

Manage labor costs with accurate time tracking software.

Want to Learn More?

Our HCM platform modernizes every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop skilled workers, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.

Best-In-Class Partnerships

We work with trusted technology and service providers to ensure we’re meeting your business needs.

Expense Management

Expense Management

Background Check

Background Screening

Global Payroll

Global Pay Solutions

Health And Wellness

Health + Well-Being

Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Posters

Video Interview

Video Interviewing

Certified Payroll

Certified Payroll

Paycard Solutions

Pay Solutions

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“Before, I emailed our vendor and they entered payroll into the system. It often took several hours. WIth Paycor, I only spend 15 minutes because the software is so easy to use.”

– Pete G., Managing Member, Camp Woof

Reduce Paperwork

Automated Payroll
Camp Woof saves 4 hours/week processing payroll with Paycor.

Eliminate Manual Planning

Seamless Implementation
Paycor provided a step-by-step checklist to manage the transition.


“Paycor has allowed me to be more efficient and develop the programs I never had the time to implement.”

Mia J., Director of HR, Smuttynose Brewing


“With Paycor, I don’t have to worry about changes to tax codes, child support or garnishments. They take care of it all.”

Cathay H., Controller, Unified Wire and Cable

Talk to Our Experts

Our team is ready to learn more about your business and your current challenges. Contact us today.

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Get the expert advice and thought leadership you need to help solve your toughest business challenges.

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